New Branding is live!

Over the next few weeks and months you will see me transition over to new branding and a new name in line with my best selling book.  The Equanimity Method(TM) was developed from the name of my Best-selling Book mainly because it describes very accurately the work that I do and that which I train.

I know the work I do and teach others is invaluable in many people’s lives and mostly the feedback I was getting was that I need to be sharing this work with Men, not only Women.  The – Emotional Mastery Coaching (R) was created for women and will still live as part of the business but just not all of the business.  It is indeed time to expand – so I reached out to the one person who quite literally reads my mind when it comes to branding from On Point Branding.  Brian is an absolute genius at what he creates and he literally can create my vision for me with very little direction from me apart from a collection of things I am loving at that time.


The Equanimity Method will work within the brand and is a simplified coaching method that helps coaches and clients to follow a clear step by step structure.  Now it’s not a one size fits all type thing – quite the contrary as many of the EMC (Equanimity Method Coaching) graduates understand it is their client that leads the sessions but we have a clear methodology to follow that works every single time!

I know I am not alone when I first certified and quite literally felt like a deer in the headlights…. fortunately I had been coached wonderfully and by adding a few things of my own in the mix I started to facilitate and help my clients create huge breakthroughs following the exact same method.


The brand colours have been kept neutral on purpose and very simplistic with a logo mark for future branding opportunities.  I hope you love it as much as I do and you can in my live some of the important processes which I considered through this rebrand.  Most of all I know my business has developed and grown as much as I have along the way.

With the rate of increasing Male Mental Health and a mother of boys my goal is to help men achieve Emotional Mastery through Equanimity.  Its very close to my heart and yes of course I am working with female clients – we currently have a waitlist in place and lots of new opportunities upcoming for accessible ways to gain training and development with us.


Lots more exciting updates coming soon but I will leave those for another day – watch this space


With love and gratitude

Tabassum xx

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