Are you at Cause?

In NLP, we talk a lot about being at CAUSE.  In fact its the frame in which we empower clients everyday.  The key fact is that being at Cause is a mindset and one that if more people adopted would find a useful tool for taking action and getting results.  So to understand Cause I guess we could understand what the opposite side of the spectrum is and that is being at Effect.  What is being at Effect? How can this change us and change how we view our world?  How is being at Cause so effective in getting us results?


When we are at effect we put our power outside the circle of our control and influence.  In fact, it’s less easy to control anything that we have very little impact on so the key to staying at cause is to focus on the inner two circles.  The first being ourselves and the second of being our influence.


I would like to give you an example of a car accident – now when I have been involved in any accidents I could get really angry with he world and decide that everything was conspiring against me.  But that will give me lots of reasons not to take action and not give me a lot of results.  So if I now say I decided to be at that place at that time, changing from effect to cause, then all of a sudden I also feel more empowered about how I handle that situation.  I now can decide to change how I feel about it or even decide that I chose to be there and there was something to learn from that experience.


Many people will take this being at Cause completely out of context because they will talk about blaming yourself for all the problems in the world – but it’s really not about blame.  In fact, I urge you not to blame yourself or anyone else, just atop arguing for your limitations and adopt this mindset for a week, a month, a few months or more.

It certainly changed my thinking, which in essence, changed my life – are you ready to change yours?

With love and gratitude

Tabassum xx

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