Why your customers smell your desperation and don’t buy from you : a guide to normal human buying behaviour.

We have all been there as business owners.  We have done the self development work and then decided everything is going to come easy.  We plant the seeds of our business, get people to look at our products, pick them up, touch them, feel them, even try them for a few days but then shock horror…. they put them down and walk away.  And then all we want to do is have a little cry in the corner, “s/he didn’t buy my product???”

You may not want to admit it publicly but many of us have been there, whether you are in network marketing or an entrepreneur in any other business, why is it we take normal customer buying behaviour so personally?

When someone goes into Sainsbury’s (or whatever supermarket you like to shop at) and a customer goes to look at some dishwasher soap and then picks it up, has a read of the back and puts it back down to have a walk around and a think, you do not see Kate at the checkout bursting into tears because she didn’t pick up the Supermarket brand and check out.

So why is it we become so shocked when people exhibit normal consumer behaviour when it comes to our businesses.  It’s quite shocking, how many people it holds back, how many people will stay down for a few days because one person didn’t follow through with a purchase that they said they would.

Just forget about the how and just allow.

When you are working with money mindset and you are in business for yourself, your goal is simply to get the product/service in front of as many of the target market as possible.  This gives you more chance when it comes to sales and people following through on their decision to buy.  If every time you get disappointed by a customer who didn’t purchase from you you will lose so much time and probably customers as a result. I know I have done this a lot in the past.

Do you agree? Have you done this before?

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.

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