Are You All Smiles on Facebook

(but secretly you hate your life)?

Are you feeling drained?

Do you drag yourself through the week with no energy, no money and no feelings of connection to your family and friends …
no happiness,
no success
no reason to keep going?

Do you just want to run away?

If this sounds like you, then please keep reading.

You’re not alone, and there is a way out of this dark hole of despair.

In this letter, I’m going to show you how to escape …

How to find freedom...

I'm going to show you how to escape the rat race.... how to find freedom!

Let me guess: Every day is always the same

You hit the snooze button for the third time … maybe it’s the fifth time.

As you squint at the clock, you wonder how you can still be so tired after 10 hours of sleep.

Before you know it…

You’re swept up in an endless cycle of cook, clean and cook and clean again …  

“I hate cooking”

“I hate cleaning”

you dream about getting back into bed and crawling back to sleep again as that’s the only time you can switch off from this mindless crazy busy cycle.  

You’re feeling suffocated at home, so you escape to a local shopping mall

… end up buying more things you don’t need and don’t recall that you have already. 

Cleaning products:

Jewellery you never wear:

On-trend fashion from Primark:
“its cheap and cheerful and I still look half decent.” 


You spend all your efforts trying to cook a lovely family meal 

You barely ever hear a compliment 

“But who cares, right? 

I do! Does that count?”


How is it that your relationships are so messed up, when you’re the one who’s always sacrificing your needs for everyone….

Sometimes it feels like criticism, grumbling and moaning is like the soundtrack to your life

“Why is my best never good enough for anyone?” 

You go upstairs wondering where your day went,

 As you get ready to get the kids down to sleep 

You catch yourself wishing you had something more exciting to do tomorrow.  

Instead you will probably end up buying more things you don’t need:


Cleaning products, 

jewellery you never wear, 

on trend fashion from Primark 

And then decide what to cook for dinner tomorrow

Do you see the repetitive cycle?

As you slip back into bed thoroughly exhausted 

“I should start taking my vitamins… maybe I won’t feel so tired”

 You. Just. Feel. So. Tired.

But what if.... it didn't have to be like this?

Let’s imagine for a moment that your life was totally different:

You leap out of bed in the morning with energy and expectation.


Instead of going from ALDI shop to Poundland shop just to save money on food…


You go shopping in Waitrose and M&S Food and just get what you need without having to check what is on offer and what won’t fit the budget.  

You cook and clean with joy and actually enjoy being a domestic goddess Mrs Hinch style. 


You cook nutritious and healthy meals, which you enjoy as a family 


…and your family is so blown away that they actually stop in their tracks for just a moment to thank you for an amazing meal – and suddenly it all feels worth it


You are happy, confident … live your life the way you choose and yet everyone is still happy around you. 


You love the work you do, 

You have an inspiring vision for your life.

You have clear and compelling goals and know how to achieve them. 


You feel like your plans are all falling into place.

You genuinely feel loved and grateful.  


You put your head down on the pillow at night feeling at peace and looking forward to the next day…




That’s not your life right now, is it?


No. Your life is quite different to that … 

And you desperately want to escape it.

You have thought about going to counselling or even asking the GP for a referral but...

You’re not the problem, so how will working on yourself change anything?

How will that stop other people taking you for granted?

Is therapy going to magically stop the criticism and the judgement?
You can’t expect someone to help you with a problem that you cannot even diagnose.

And it’s not like you can afford to waste the money you don’t have … on something that’s not even guaranteed to work!

But problems ignored, don't go away, they only get worse!

If you stay stuck in that hole…

You will continue to struggle with money
You will slide even deeper into debt … your anxiety will continue to build…

As one day folds into the next, it all seems like a blur

You constantly question 
“Am I depressed?”

You watching other people achieve their goals
“I wish I could be happy for them but I just feel so jealous”

And people will increasingly pull away from you, labelling you as “toxic”
“I feel like I have lost grip of the real me, why am I like a volcano ready to erupt, constantly?”

Social rejection will spill over to your children … resulting in 2nd generation trauma
“Why am I yelling at the kids when I promised myself I would not behave like this as I know how that made me feel as a child?”

You were born for so much more than that.

You don't have to live in survival mode anymore.

There is an escape from that dungeon of deepening despair.

Other women before you were shown an exit door, and chose to step through it.

On the other side of that door, they found…
They discovered the best version of themselves
Their true self, the person they used to be but only better.
The one who cooks gourmet meals and enjoys them without caring if anyone likes them or not (“I like it”!)
The Mum who takes the kids to the Museum by themselves

“You are so fun Mummy” as they beam smiles back at you


As you sigh with a sense of contentment, you may think back to what life was like before and are just grateful!  

I am one of those women.


I know too well those feelings of …

Desperation, hopelessness, feeling like no-one gets what you are experiencing and, even more so, that it is so minor that it is not even worth mentioning, that you are being oversensitive  and that no one really cares about your feelings because you are overreacting anyway!  The feelings of always putting other people’s needs before your own and then realising it makes no difference – people still consider you ”toxic”. No one cares and why would they…. You are probably just being oversensitive or something anyway – that’s what everyone keeps telling you, no matter how much you sacrifice yourself.


But thankfully, I have also experienced… 

Happiness, belief, connection and presence, peace and contentment, improving relationships as I changed my focus, I learnt to be doing more for myself then ever before and yet everyone else also changed around me  (descriptive snapshot summary of personal transformation) a life I don’t want to escape from – quantum leap


I found a coach who guided me into the wide open spaces of…

Opportunity, hope, love, acceptance and purpose but most of all presence!  Away from my past labels and judgements (1-liner summary of your new better reality)

A trained professional can guide you into that same freedom.

But here is what you should know....

Mental health professionals typically label their ‘patients’ according to their problems or symptoms.

These labels might be anything from anxiety and panic attacks to self-diagnosed depression and codependency.

What they might not understand (or maybe they do, and they’re just not telling you) is that your brain is an intention economy.

In simple words, that means that where your thinking goes is where your energy flows.

By using labels that speak to what’s going wrong in your life, therapists are just sending more energy into those problem areas.

They’re essentially supercharging all the stuff that is going wrong, and throwing fuel on the flames that are already consuming your life and your relationships.

I don’t think they’re intentionally trying to keep you locked in your dungeon of despair.

They’re probably good people with sincere motivations.

Unfortunately, their education and professional training is based on books that were written more than 50 years ago.

Brain-science and psychotherapy has come a long way since then — and new discoveries have revealed that a lot of the stuff we used to think was good practice, is actually quite harmful.

One such discovery is around the power of our beliefs — specifically, what we believe about ourselves.

Our beliefs can be positive and enabling, e.g “I am beautiful” and “I am successful”.

They can also be negative and limiting, e.g “I am worthless” and “I always fail”.

What you believe about yourself is the difference between staying trapped in that dungeon of despair, and stepping through that prison door into greater freedom, happiness and personal power.

But when mental health professionals heap these limiting labels on you, you tend to believe them.

I mean, they’re the professionals right?  

Why shouldn’t you believe them?

And that right there is the reason that so many beautiful, powerful women live a life of…

Disappointment, discontentment and deep dissatisfaction 

But here’s what you should know... ​

And that is precisely why?

My counter-culture approach to leading women into stepping into their inner strength and anti-fragilityresilience by actually being able to look at themselves in the mirror without a self deprecating glance, knowing that you are enough is to simply believe in them. 

There’s more to it than that, but that’s the one difference that makes all the difference.

When a woman first knocks on my door, she’s already been whipped by the “just have to have faith” and “must believe it to achieve it” cliches.

But she finds it near-impossible to believe good things about herself.

Believing in herself has become one more item on a very long list of failures

I get it.  I’ve been there.

That’s why I never expect or require my client to have belief in herself.

Instead, I carry the full responsibility of believing in her.

I see her for who she is — not for who anyone else thinks is.

I believe in her like no other person has ever believed in her before.

She doesn’t need to believe in herself, because I have enough belief in her for both of us

(…and a whole bunch of extra belief in her for anyone else who might want some).

Nothing happened until something finally clicked

This unwavering confidence in allowing my belief to carry you through this experience is what made all the difference in my own evolution from feeling like a nobody to evolving so fast that it’s become fun to unleash and unmask my personal abilities to start focusing on the present magical moments

For the longest time I tried reading all the recommended self-help books.

I joined various network marketing companies — desperate for a sense of belonging and community, as I tried to fight my way out of debt.

I took all the vitamins and tried all the diets, as I wrestled with fatigue.

I sought the advice of people who could not relate to my struggle – who didn’t know what it felt like to live like this.

When none of it worked, I stopped believing that anything could be done about this “problem”.

Then one day I was talking to my friend, someone who I had felt had many more problems than I did.

She had been seeing a coach, and her transformation was impossible to deny.

But she] had often grumbled about how much she disliked the coaching process.

And yet it was obviously working for her.

Before I could stop it, a crazy question rolled through my mind and tumbled off my lips:

“Do you think this could work for me too?”

Her answer was quick and to the point:

“It is possible for anyone who wants it enough.”

I was so tired of the constant inner struggle, the feeling of internal conflict, I knew I wasn’t being myself but it was like I was stuck in the Matrix and someone was finally handing me a blue pill!

And now I’m inviting you to your own personal evolution too!


Who Do You Think You Are?

It’s an affordable, 3-week virtual spa for your soul.

During this shared retreat, your darkness will give way to light.

Effective tools and techniques for imporiving all areas of your life

Use these to break off your old labels and identities; step into new beliefs and possibilities; and rise up into new heights of confidence and happiness.

Your very own support pod

Restorative Self-Care Routines

I’ll show you how to create daily rituals (including mindset and journaling) that retrain your mind, body and soul to be positive and powerful in every situation.

Vision, Goals & Planning Sessions

Together we’ll craft a clear and compelling picture of your desired life; explore paths to your freedom and prosperity; and design schedules that enable you to step out of the overwhelm and into organization.

Self-Paced Personal Transformation Toolkit

With a virtual box of workbooks and worksheets....

Here is what awaits you on the other side....

  • It means being deeply connected to your goals to make them happen
  • It means showing up with purpose
  • It means being able to happy no matter what situation arises
  • It means being more abundant 
  • Seeing new possibilities and opportunities
  • It means being really clear on what you need to do
  • It means being able to walk into a store and not impulse buy needing stuff to fill the space
  • It means being to go grocery shopping and not feeling guilty for buying food that you love
  • It means not penny pinching whenever you want to buy something
  • It means not having a cupboard full of crap and complaining you have no space or have nothing 
  • It means not panicking every time a bill lands on the doormat 
  • It means being able to look at your finances and decide to take charge of changing your situation

"This all sounds very promising but how much does this cost?"

Well, it certainly WON’T cost you £1400

That’s what my private clients pay to get the same attention and results.


When you enroll in the ‘Who do you think you are? Shared Virtual Retreat, you will get all the private client value PLUS the support and encouragement of your very own kindred-spirit pod, for the ultra-low investment of £111 (usually priced at £1111).

At a mere £37 per week, it’s certainly cheaper (and healthier!) than…

Finding momentary escapes in take-out treats that never seem to fill the void

Buying bags of clothing from Primark, and still feeling like you have anything to wear — or worse: putting on that beautiful new dress and still feeling like crap inside

Purchasing your child that ‘special surprise’, so you can feel like a good mum — only to end up in another heated argument with your husband about a house full of neglected toys.

Stop lying awake all night stressing about your rising debt.

Put an end to the feelings of loneliness and desperation.

There is no money back guarantee on this particular course as you have instant access to all training materials immediately.

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