The Power of Positive Thinking!

Are you a negative Nelly?  Be real with yourself!  Its easy to think that you are a really positive person but this post isn’t really about just being a positive person all the time.  We all get into a funk and thats totally fine, but the power of positive thinking has been known to change lives.  Honestly speaking, when I first got introduced to the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction through Network Marketing I really did roll me eyes.  What mumbo jumbo I thought.  But as I have focused on my self development in the business I have realised that there is more to it.  See, having a positive mindset actually helps you to achieve things that you even you may surprise yourself at.

Look around you for a minute, take 30 seconds to count how many things you can see that are white.  I need a number, so focus and count as many white things around you as quickly as possible. Got a number? Fab! What is it? 10, 7, 15, 23?  It actually doesn’t matter what the number is, thats not the point of this exercise.  Now while you were looking for objects that were white around you how many black items did you count?  How many? Do you have a number?  Likely is you saw a handful but you didn’t count them all.  Because you were SO focused on counting the white objects, the others were probably there but not in your focus.

This is the exact same power as positive thinking, it matters what you focus on, and it is a game changer.

Take 15 mins today to be mindful, to really focus.

A shot personal story, 18 months ago I was asked to create a vision board.  I didn’t, it took me the best part of 6 months, I didn’t know what I wanted no one had asked me that in a really long time!  Anyway I made some cut outs and was asked by my coach to place it where I can see it every day!  Look at it and focus.  Again I rolled my eyes but I never knock something until I have tried it.  That vision board had 15 things on there, now it has around 6.  As I focused on the things I wanted I slowly began to get them, acquire them, manifest them.  I started from small to big and am still working my way up to my biggest goal of all.

If I can do this, so can you!  It is possible.

Reach out to me if you would like to learn this process and benefit hugely from it.

I hope you have the most amazing week, sending love and blessings.

Tabassum xx

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