BIC 4 Colours Fun Retractable Ballpoint Pens with Four Ink Colours and Medium Point (1.0 mm), Pack of 3



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A Focus on Organisation

Organisation is crucial to any successful journaling exercise. The BIC 4 Colours family of pens allows you to take organisation to a new level – customised to your personality and tastes.

The key is to be consistent, leveraging the Bullet Journal methodology to set up the framework. There are four core modules – or methods – to help keep your notebook organised: Index, Future Log, Monthly Log and Daily Log. These modules can be mixed and matched to fit your preferences and styles, just as BIC 4 Colours pens allow for you to further organise with the help of colours.

Enhancing with Colour

While Bullet Journaling in and of itself helps to keep your life and tasks structured, colour-coding can further enhance productivity as you map out tasks, to-do lists and reminders with your favourite BIC 4 Colours Pen.

For example, you can further enhance rapid logging and bullets by developing a colour key (i.e. Red for work, Green for errands, Blue for personal items and so on).

The goal is to find engaging yet practical ways to implement colour throughout your notebook to best suit your needs.


About Bullet Journaling

Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal system offers some quick tips to get you started:

1. Keep it simple and fun. Organisation is a step on the way to getting things done.

2. Do what works for you. It’s not about how your Bullet Journal looks, it’s about how it feels and the impact it is having on your goals.

3. The Bullet Journal becomes whatever you need it to be. Figuring that out is part of the practice. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

It writes in 4 exuberant colours – pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green. Enough to make you eager to study your notes (well, almost)
Effortless writing with fluid ink and meticulously crafted ballpoints that seamlessly glide on paper
Change ink cartridges in a jiffy with that unmistakable click of the pen’s button
Uncompromising quality, the 3 4-colour BIC Biro pens in this blister are made at BIC’s plants in Europe based on unmatched expertise
Pack Size: 3


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