How to recognise the difference between feeling tired and feeling exhausted?

I can sleep 5 hours in a night now and feel ok but before it didn’t matter if I would have 8-12 hours I would constantly feel exhausted.

Trying to fix the problem was. actually ignoring the problem hoping for it to go away!

I tired everything, so many supplements, changing my diet, cutting out other things that were draining me nothing was working!

I was pained deep inside and my emotions would get the better of me

It was a constant battle

My body (through my subconscious mind) was telling me something is wrong and I need to deal with it

My conscious mind was telling me to ignore it

I can do this by myself if I want to …but the personal development books and videos just were not enough

There was something more, something deeper

Eventually exhausted and deflated I contacted an amazing coach

I agreed to be coachable and then I got scared and didn’t get back to her for 3 months

Did I enjoy feeling this way?

Did it feel more normal to feel rubbish?

After the third month the problem was a big enough problem

I went back to her at rock bottom, a shell of the real me, convinced nothing and no one could help me

But that means I was open to trying something new

I told her about my journey and battle with myself and she listened

It was hard to talk about myself in this way but I knew I couldn’t do this by myself anymore

I had failed – a feeling I was only too familiar with

Most days I wanted to end the coaching sessions

I didn’t want to go there

Not emotionally nor mentally

I was so sick of feeling exhausted, sad, upset, guilty, fearful and angry all the time

I just wanted to feel ok

As I talked it became more painful and I would find it almost unbearable having to remind myself of who and what I am doing this for

The the breakthroughs started to happen and slowly but surely one dark cloud lifted one after another

My mind began to feel clear

I began to feel lighter

My relationships got better

Time with the children was a joy again

I was spiritually connected more then I had been in years

I was no longer carrying the weight or the baggage

It all just became so simple

I started to feel like myself
I felt grateful about literally everything
I felt happy

I felt content

I felt spiritual

I felt empowered

I felt ready to launch a business

I felt ready to help others

Everything just got better and stayed that way

And that’s what I have been feeling like ever since

There have been minor ups and downs – but now I know how to thrive in these situations

Not just survive

It’s normal to feel resistance to the process

But don’t deny yourself a gift

The gift of self esteem, self mastery and success

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