How to get fully empowered in less then 5 minutes!!

In the beginning of my own coaching journey I found so much solace in this one method….Journaling!

I had been journaling my entire life but it was just an outlet of pain before, I never realise that this one method could really help me and empower me if it. was utilised in the same way and it was something I could do whenever (all the tools were already in my home!)

All you need to get started isa pen and paper!

Some people like to type for privacy reasons but I found this method much more. effective when I. was writing and letting my. thoughts do all the talking!

There are 4 points you need to make when journaling to really empower yourself

How do you feel

What happened

What was your part in it

How can YOU change the outcome in the future

These 4 points changes my life.  I used to only cover the first two points and it was just a diary full of painful experiences, often lived again and again and strengthening those neural networks!

As neutrons that fire together – wire together!

I ask all my clients do this to help themselves to feel more empowered.

Have you tried journaling?

How have you found it?

For those of you who are visual – here is a video. where I explain the above!

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