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Premium 1:1 Coaching Program

This 1:1 program is tailored to clients’ individual requirements to get them on their way to achieving their goals, getting clarity on the action steps, gaining structure and building clear habits while embedding positive change for the future. 


Certifications and Training

Are you ready to get certified? Look no further... we have multi-certifications and singular modules you can join to build your business the perfect way for you.

We have a variety of payment options to suit everyone.


Business Accelerator

This is for anyone wanting to start, evolve or grow a purposeful and conscious business. This hybrid of 1:1 and group support coaching is designed to support clients in making aligned, conscious change and creating an impactful and soulful business.

Tabassum’s Story

Tabassum worked an amazing corporate career for 10 years before making the shift to full time stay at home Mum to part time Entrepreneur. Always dealing with overwhelm and anxiety she found that each and every time she was starting to make progress a chain of events would occur to stop her reaching her best potential. She threw herself in the world of personal development and tried so many self-help methods until she realised she needed to get it sorted once and for all. She sought help from a coach and is now offering a coaching service that helps women see the best in themselves. As emotional leaders of their families she focuses on helping women to be themselves and show them how their individuality is their gift. Now she helps women breakthrough their negative emotional boundaries and set themselves free to live the life they truly love.

Working together for your better life

An article revealed a study where training alone was compared to life coaching combined with training. The study showed that training combined with weekly life coaching increased productivity.

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Thank you so much from I have learnt so much from your free group and now am I am looking forward to getting 121 coaching with you


121 coaching client

By applying the small nuggets Tabassum provides in her weekly lives I have slowly but surely taking small steps and seen massive changes, I cannot wait to see what developments the coaching will bring

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