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A virtual spa for your soul

Welcome to the virtual emotional spa for your soul…. THE monthly therapeutic space  where you can kick back, relax and absorb the relaxing sensation of  tranquility, inner peace and emotional rejuvenation

I have been really gripped by the way Tabassum has explained everything in detail, step by step - knowing why we do what we do and how it works, giving real time examples. I am so glad I have joined this, such great content and insight. Tabassum is a wealth of knowledge!


Swati Braganza

​Tabassum has helped me gain insight and given me to direction to achieve what I want and has provided me with the tools to start that journey. After a very long time I finally feel I have clarity instead of delaying things, feeling overwhelmed and misguided.


Ash Bibi

I have a new found respect for myself, an appreciation, my self worth continues to grow. I am able to make decisions that serve and my purpose, which only leads to positive outcomes. I have fallen in love with myself and commit to myself in a way I have never done before.


Zahra Hussain

Tabassum is with whom I have been blessed to empower myself and reach for the best. It is amazing how you feel when someone trusts that you will heal. I feel blessed hat I dared myself to put my vulnerability and trust in Tabassum's Be.You.tiful outlook!!!


I would love to have 1 to 1 coaching but that's not a financial or time commitment I can make right now

But now, Emotional Mastery with Tabassum is accessible to everyone

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