New Branding is live!

Over the next few weeks and months you will see me transition over to new branding and a new name in line with my best selling book.  The Equanimity Method(TM) was developed from the name of my Best-selling Book mainly because it describes very accurately the work that I do and that which I train.… Continue reading New Branding is live!

Labels – empowerment or boxes?

I used to love labels, finally I could understand and compartmentalise my problems and other peoples – how useful and how restricting? Right?! Exactly the problem with labels – when I think of labels now I think about how they limit us and they limit others too and that’s not a concept I feel is… Continue reading Labels – empowerment or boxes?

Are you at Cause?

In NLP, we talk a lot about being at CAUSE.  In fact its the frame in which we empower clients everyday.  The key fact is that being at Cause is a mindset and one that if more people adopted would find a useful tool for taking action and getting results.  So to understand Cause I… Continue reading Are you at Cause?

Equanimity: The Journey to Emotional Mastery

It has been a rollercoaster of a few months and I would love to say the reason for that was my Best-selling book (in 6 categories), Yay me! But honestly this year has just snowballed and I don’t mean that in a bad way! Equanimity: The Journey to Emotional. Mastery released on the 06 October… Continue reading Equanimity: The Journey to Emotional Mastery

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